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From deep soul, Jazz, World, Roots and early country - there never was a show more eclectic!

Tom has been jocking for a long time – AM land pirating in London in 1966 and beyond, ‘award winning’ student radio, preceded and followed by lengthy spells working free-form FM in the US, early ILR in the Midlands, some offshore activity, then back pirating in London, including Jackie, Kaleidoscope, Sovereign, and the Superpirate, Skyline. After which he moved to Norwich in 1984 and was invited onto Broadland as their notional ‘rock jock’.
Up to that point he’d amassed about 14 names  (of which Muscles Tomorrow and The Legendary Captain Jack Daniels were particular favourites – indeed there are still former pirates who still call him Captain Jack 37 years on), but on Broadland he became Tom Paine, which eventually slid to just Tom, and since about ’92, that’s who he’s been on air. Whilst presenting on Radio Broadland, he was also one of the owners of CityWise, a Time Out what’s on equivalent for the area, which did 5000 copies a month, and also was one of the presenters of a TV offshoot made for the Anglia TV region by Mentorn Films.
Tom headed off to London and beyond,  and became part of a Turkish station broadcasting (legally) across the city, doing late nights, whilst also running a station in Northern Cyprus. And thus it continued on and off until about ten years ago when he hung up his headphones and he moved to the south of France with his family.  Now he returns to radio and luckily enough he chose to make Brickies Radio his home, broadcasting from the French mountains every Saturday!
” I don’t know how many records there are up in my studio, but we do know there’s over 11,000 cds. I believe that most stations and most jocks benefit from tight formatting. However, there are a number of situations where, if the jock has ears and taste, free-form music programming can really raise the bar – if it’s done properly, the punter doesn’t even notice it’s happening: should they not like a particular tube, they trust the jock and the station enough to believe that the next one will be a killer. And that’s what I do – across genres and times, and usually with stuff that is maybe hardly familiar, but always great.” – DJ Tom Paine